PLCC 44 and QFP 240 tilting problems

2017/2/27 22:20:28

Hi All, I am using YV100Xg YAMAHA Pick and Place Mounter Machine and I am facing a tilting problem of PLCC 84 and QFP 240 pins ICs. I deeply checked about their vision files and place them on the double sided tape and found them ACCURATE on their pads, but whenever i place them on the PCB with the solder paste they twist in different angles towards west SO I HAVE TO PUT THEM ON THEIR PADS THROUGH TWIZER OR PIN TOOLS AND THEN PUT THEM IN THE REFLOW OVEN. How can i solve this problem because small ics and other components have no tilting problem?

Wenger Guy

2017/3/1 22:20:28

Great help to my new project.


2017/3/1 22:20:28

I certainly enjoyed reading your post.


2017/3/1 22:20:28

Keep your sharing like this. You have made a nice post and I really learned a lot from you. It will help me work out my new project.


2017/3/1 22:20:28

I certainly enjoyed reading your post.

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