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placement of smt components

Javier Martínez

Heeeelllllp. I am a sales rep. ( I know I know, you can't help me with that. ha ha.) Actually, I represent a company that fabricates PCBs and assembles them under the same roof. We are a small to moderate volume house that is just getting into surface mount. My priciple has just ordered an Amistar PlacePro 7100. The problem is that two of my biggest potential customers need us to place smt at a .080 pitch and the Amistar only goes to .10 ( our bare boards go down to .050). I would like to convince the powers that be, to return this machine and get one that will place down to .080. Is there one available that won't break the bank and place nearly as fast as the Amistar (18500 per hour). I need to go back to the company I represent and sell them on a different machine before this one's 60 day trial is over. It's hard enough getting new customers, it's even tougher when you're limited on your capabilities.
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Biagio Carlucci

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