PCB routing tips that you must know

2017/5/22 15:35:58

1.PCB wiring basic policy: increase the alignment to reduce the capacitance coupling crosswalk; parallels set the power and ground line for making PCB capacitors achieve the best; the sensitive high-frequency lines should be set away from the high noise power line; widen the power and ground lines to reduce impedance.

2.Using physical method to reduce the coupling between different types of signal lines, especially the power and ground lines.

pcb design

3.Local decoupling: Decoupling for local power supplies and ICs. A large capacity bypass capacitor is used between the power supply input and the PCB for Low-frequency pulsation filtering and meet the burst power requirements, the decoupling capacitors are used between the power supply and ground of each IC, and these decoupling capacitors are as close as possible to the pins.

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