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PCB recycling in China
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Michele Perniola

PCB recycling is valuable to the environment, I wonder if it can also be valuable to us! Are there any China recycling facilities or companies to which we can sell PCB?I hope they will pay us for your the PCB trash.Any suggestions?
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PCB recycling line is suitable for small-scale production and the separation of metal and nonmetal in waste boards, copper clad and circuit board, etc. The successful development of PCB recycling line is not only improve the quality of the recovery of copper, but also to prevent secondary pollution. For waste circuit board, by crushing and grinding, making it become the mixture of metal and resin fiber powder, and then through the wind and electrostatic separation process of metal and resin separation. To prevent dust pollution, plus pulse dust removal device in the air separation process, effectively solve the dust pollution.

Pedro Skou

I know a company named as exportersindia offering pcb recycling machine. As mentioned,because of the special physical properties of waste circuit board, the equipment adopts dry grinding sorting process to recycling the circuit boards.The waste circuit boards will be separated into metal powder and resin fiber powder.