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PCB Prototyping

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PCB prototyping is the step before bulk production. There are many manufacturers, who offers PCB prototyping. How to find the most cost-effective PCB manufacturers with high quality and quick turnround?

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PCB Prototyping with Low Clearance and Width
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Nikolay Dovgilov

I am looking for a PCB manufacturer which do well in PCB prototyping. Because of BGA with 2 mil for track width/clearance,it is difficult to manufacture PCB. Thus,do you have any good suggestions? I also hope it has a cost-effective price.
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Guillaume Leblanc

I think you may have to review your design because it's too small for PCB manufacturers to prototype.


Würth Elektronik can be a good recommend for you to achieve such PCB prototyping,but of course you have to pay more.

Gregor Macek

I think 2mil width/clearance is quite difficult for normal PCB manufacturers,maybe you can quote from some Japanese suppliers.But the price must be very high.

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