PCB Production Slows During Chinese National Holiday

2017/2/17 16:17:40

Asian Holidays are in no shortage and often times Chinese New Year overshadows all the rest as the most dramatic if you do any type of offshore manufacturing. However, we ought not to forget the National Holiday Festival that is coming right around the corner next week. The dates for this holiday range from October 1st to October 4th.  While it doesn’t look and feel like two full weeks of work off, it certain has a lot of the same potential delays.
It is wise to remember that a lot of factories are busy trying to get product out the door on the day of the holiday and even busier upon their return.  We don’t believe this year all the workers in China will head off to their home land and not return but we do want to impress on our reader’s minds that there will be delays above normal associated with the holiday.
Keep in mind that the shipping rates change during the busy season for most companies but for our customers, their printed circuit boards remain the same cost…we just deal with it and work out better rates with our supply chain partners so that prices for our flex, rigid flex and PCBs don’t fluctuate.
Soon enough we will be into the Christmas season and shipping lanes will be tight, filled with consumer goods that have to make the plane or boat to arrive on-time. So, please get your orders placed early so you are not late on your next shipment of product.

Davide Fontana

2017/2/19 16:17:40

Good resource for new beginners.

Roberto Ross

2017/2/19 16:17:40

Please keep doing your great job.


2017/2/19 16:17:40

Pretty good and useful info for beginners.

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