PCB Part pin placement

2016/4/30 10:39:21

I have a gas sensor part with 4 pins placed around a 13.5mm diameter circle. 3 of the pins I have figured out how to make my PCB cad symbol, but I do not know where to locate the pin labeled CO Working.


2016/11/26 14:03:44

I'd contact their support and mention that its not clear. They may email you a dimensioned drawing or provide a link to their CAD drawings.

Javier Martínez Verdú

2016/9/6 17:29:14

It is really a poor datasheet for the pin layout. You have three choices: 1) Buy the product and measure it. 2) Contact the company where you bought from. 3) Extrapolate from that design and others on the site and take a chance. I did the latter based on the symmetry of the right 3 pins:

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