PCB Pad lifted - repair

2017/2/27 4:14:49

Hi All,
I am producing a lot of high cost PCBA where the PCB material is the `ROGER' material. Due to some of the high components and handling we get pad lifted issues sometimes and as of now are unable to do repairs on these. Please help if anybody has done such repairs. what kind of adhesives to be used which can withstand the heat up to 220C when the component is soldered back on the pads. Any repair guides available !!... really need help.


2017/3/1 4:14:49

Remarkable.Great help to my learning.

Francisco Marquez

2017/3/1 4:14:49

Really appreciate your content. It quite benefits my learning and it has solved my puzzles completely. Thanks.

Andrew Ward

2017/3/1 4:14:49

I appreciate your article very much. Wait for your next writing.

Enrique Ochoa

2017/3/1 4:14:49

Very interesting post.

Vojtek Gábor

2017/3/1 4:14:49

It help me a lot. Thank you.

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