PCB Nickel Gold Surface Failures

2017/2/27 23:51:07

Examples of NG Failures
Although the finish has been used successfully for many years in many industries, particularly in high reliability applications it can exhibit a dark secret, intermittent or compete failure of the solder joint. To find out more and see how different companies tackle the problems associated with “Black Pad” join us for this online seminar.
Speaker Topics will include:
Successful nickel gold application methods
PCB suppliers control and monitoring methods
Failure modes and how to detect them
Users views on the benefits of the process
Current research projects on process improvements
The seminar will last approximately 3hrs, with different presentations every 30min, including question and answer session. There is no need to miss any of the speakers as registered delegates can select any of the presentations to watch live on the day or online at their leisure after the event at a time that is convenient to them.
Delegates will also receive a copy of all of the presentation slides and have access to a bibliography of many of the technical reports on nickel gold process and joint failures

Livio Collovini

2017/3/1 23:51:07

You are a genuis!

Carlos Ruiz

2017/3/1 23:51:07

It help me a lot. Thank you.

Andre Bosshard

2017/3/1 23:51:07


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