PCB Marking

2017/2/2 6:13:36

I am looking for Permanent non conductive ink (Black and white) to mark PCBs with. I am also looking for a method to apply the ink (stamp) in letters 0.08 high. I need to stamp the board in two locations the first is 9 characters long (Numeric) and the 2nd location is Alpha 1 character (rev). I have stamps I can use, but if there is a better way.... Any help will be appreciated.


2017/2/4 6:13:36

Remarkable.Great help to my learning.


2017/2/4 6:13:36

I will keep on reading your sharing. Thats really interesting and helpful.

Eibert Draisma

2017/2/4 6:13:36

My favorite psot here. Its very impressive and helpful.


2017/2/4 6:13:36

Quite useful and impressive info.

Gianni Trevisiol

2017/2/4 6:13:36

Many thanks. Your idea is very valuable. Will certainly share this post with my pals.

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