PCB manufacturing defects

2017/2/28 6:43:28

I work for a CEM. We are having some quality issues with some pcb's that came from China. (I know, big surprise) Can anyone with pcb manufacturing experience look at some pictures I have and give me an opinion as to what could go wrong in the pcb manufacturing process that would cause these "defects" I put defects in quotation marks because our China supplier is trying to tell us these boards meet IPC-A-600 standards. They say it is strictly cosmetic and will not effect the board functionally. Any & all help will be greatly appreciated.


2017/3/2 6:43:28

Really helpful.


2017/3/2 6:43:28

I was really confused, and this answered all my qutoiesns.

Borut Poljsak

2017/3/2 6:43:28

I am happy that you shared this helpful information with us.

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