PCB LEDs Reflects Status Of Activity At RJ45 Ports

2017/1/23 14:34:13

Working with RJ45 ports to provide visual confirmation of data traffic, network connectivity, and signal integrity on datacomm and telecomm equipment, such as Ethernet hubs, routers and modems, these pc-board LEDs offer a slim profile and a way of nesting with the RJ45 ports that keeps their space requirements to a minimum. In addition, a coplanar design facilitates alignment and arrayed configuration, while an advanced optical grade epoxy is said to help produce illumination that is bright and smooth. Also, diffused lenses are standard and clear ones optional.The LEDs come in two configurationsÑone or two LEDsÑand two shapes: rectangular or domed, with the former coming in 1.8 mm x 3.8 mm and 2 mm x 5 mm sizes, while the latter are 3 mm (T-1) in size. And single-color LEDs come in red, green and yellow, while the bicolor indicators are in red/green or yellow/green colors. The RJ45 LEDs are priced from $0.55 to $0.88 each/1,000.


2017/1/25 14:34:13


Chris Bethea

2017/1/25 14:34:13

Marvelous post. Appreciate it very much.

Ricardo Medda

2017/1/25 14:34:13

A good and help piece of info.

Juan Pablo Vales

2017/1/25 14:34:13

My friends and I have learned a lot with your post. And we will keep on following you for the further study.Hope your next article will come soon.

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