PCB layout strategy

2016/7/24 13:41:15

What is the typical flow that a professional engineer undertakes that results in a well-designed board?


2016/11/2 8:27:41

What you need to do first is checking the reference design for layout coupling , isolation and grounding requirements. Then try to fit on 1 layer with wire jumps, using all SMT and ground fills and beefy driver tracks, then 2 layer if necessary for lo


2016/9/24 4:00:00

How to layout something is dependent on what's being built. There are reoccurring themes, but there is no general one size fits all.

Ian Hughes

2016/8/18 6:21:53

First step is to design the circuit and draw the schematic. Once the schematic is complete, move on to the board layout. The procedure for laying out the board is relatively simple with two main steps: placement and routing.

Jason Williams

2016/8/3 20:30:32

I usually follow two rules: make a good schematic, the layout will follow; if it looks good, it is good.

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