PCB intake speed on a Soltec oven

2017/2/28 0:18:05

We have a problem sometimes where our oven will accept another PCB too soon after it's taken the last one, so the PCB will collide with the last PCB that just enter the oven, and knock half the components off one of the boards, and destroy it.
Does anyone know how to set a Soltec oven to pause the in-feed conveyer until the previous PCB has progressed into the oven a safe distance.
Or I thought you could do some kind of SMEMA delay between the conveyer and the oven. Does anyone know of a product like this you can purchase commercially?
I was doing a run myself one night last week just to keep on top of how the plant runs, and I smashed one of the boards this way, and the operators laughed at me the following day. They know about it, and watch for it, but it would be a good problem to solve so it never happens again! The component cost is high.


2017/3/2 0:18:05



2017/3/2 0:18:05

Awesome post. Like it very much.

Enrico Gensale

2017/3/2 0:18:05

It is pretty helpful to my daily learning.

Luis Fernando

2017/3/2 0:18:05

Bravo! Hope you can write soon.

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