PCB copper pour questions

2016/4/20 22:15:47

I am making a dual layer PCB and I'm at the final stages, and want to add a ground plane, mainly to save copper so etching is quicker! Is it OK to put a Ground pour on both sides of the board? I have a mix of SMD and through-hole, but I shouldn't think that makes a difference.


2016/8/25 23:03:36

With through hole, most ground leads will connect the top ground to the bottom ground so they are the same. With SMT it is harder to automatically connect top and bottom.

Jason Williams

2016/7/17 3:44:37

What you said is OK, probably even preferred, to put copper pour on both sides of the board. Not all copper pours need to be ground.


2016/5/31 20:03:34

Ground power top and bottom is good for through hole. It is harder for SMT. For SMT there are not leads going through the board so putting the grounds and power inside is better.


2016/4/22 22:15:47

An interesting post.

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