PCB circuit

2016/4/12 8:42:15

I have a circuit that I would like to be printed onto a circuit board. Can I send them to the PCB fab and let them help me to produce the board.

Greg Walton

2016/10/14 19:23:04

The output from the PCB package is GERBER Files and a Drill file, which are really PCB fab needed.


2016/7/31 7:16:07

Please post the circuit and maybe some one will help you.

Sergey?Alexandrovich Kiselev

2016/5/6 1:53:38

You need to design your circuit with a design sftware and have to follow the "design rules" of the PCB house. They tell you what they will and won't do such as minimum trace width and separation and lots of other stuff.

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