Pad move problem

2016/8/23 16:05:32

There is no problem of me to relocate a resistor via the "e" option. Moving a drill hole pad with "e" GUI will move the hole just fine but leaves the Footprint Courtyards and Cmts. I am using Mounting Hole 3.2mm M3 from the default library. Why don't all 3 layers move together?

Fabián Do?aque

2016/12/3 11:54:02

When you delete traces and he asks if you want to delete a pad, it is really a pain. I never ever want to delete pads in layout but very often traces.


2016/10/29 6:46:14

What I do is only clicking on the footprint to select it and press 'm'. Works quite well.


2016/10/25 23:14:33

If it were possible to temporarily configure "m" to just move footprints, it would be very handy. At the moment I have to carefully avoid text or select from the pop up menu. What I usually do is moving footprints and then tidying up silkscreen text are

Sinan Atilla

2016/9/27 22:34:14

You can use 'm' for moving the whole footprint.

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