Oven Profile

2017/2/27 10:41:01

Need some suggestions on oven profile. I run a BTU VIP98 oven. Has 7 zones, convention heat and all. My profile goes (in Celcius) 150/160/170/180/205/215/180 moving at 28in/min. Roughly 5 minutes from start to finish. I use Kester 256 solder and my board thickness ranges from 1.58mm to 2.31mm. Board is generally heavily populated and densely grouped. My old profile was 150/160/170/180/210/220/190. Because I was afraid of thermal stress I lowered the temps.
Is this a good profile? Or is there room for improvement. BTW, my working environment is clean, temp around 75deg with maybe 50%RH.
I would love to see what profiles other people are using and what kind of results they are getting.

Alvydas Sidlauskas

2017/3/1 10:41:01

Thanks for your sharing.It helps me a lot.

Tom Wong-Cornall

2017/3/1 10:41:01

Marvelous post. Appreciate it very much.

Giampaolo Braga

2017/3/1 10:41:01

I am happy that you shared this helpful information with us.Please keep us up to date like this.

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