Oval holes in PCB

2016/4/21 8:30:42

I'm revising a circuit board design to be manufactured, and I'd like to include oval holes. I've never used them before, and want to use them because they would save space compared to a regular circular hole. The application is for a zip-tie to pass through the circuit board to secure wires.

Robert Jason

2016/11/5 8:49:32

You can create a row of 1mm holes very close together and break them out with a file.


2016/8/31 5:46:58

A slot would need to be milled. A hole can be drilled faster. It may add cost unless they are already milling other parts of the board. Slots would be better for tie wraps anyway. No need for any plating.


2016/7/30 17:03:40

The software I used is eagle cad. In the board outline layer draw a line where you want the slot. Or draw a rectangle.

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