OEM PCBs with I2S to S/PDIF conversion

2017/2/2 22:23:08

I am searching for a replacement of the currently used PCM5102 chips for direct I2S to S/PDIF conversion. Is there a better chip someone of you uses already, has experiences with it and could recommend it?
Due to limited number of devices (end time) I do not like to built something on my own necessarily so I wonder If there is someting out as an external device.
Just for clarification: I did that with an FPGA internally already but I need something independend from my system clock, since the FPGA works asynchronously now from the S/PDIF clock. It is only soft synched thus the bitclock cannot be used to synch the I2S interface perfectly.
So I need a synchable module, meaning snychable from somewhere with e.g. word clock or an selfstanding osc and giving the FPGA both the S/PDIF clock and /or I2S word clock. Sound output is done with a FIFO and synched at data level.


2017/2/4 22:23:08

Great thanks for your helpful info. Really useful.


2017/2/4 22:23:08

What you share on your post is quite useful.

Emre Karabek

2017/2/4 22:23:08

very useful informations.

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