No silkscreen on a board, is it commmon?

2016/11/9 10:24:18

I'm working on the redesign of a PCB currently and I'm trying to push for the re-introduction of silkscreen on boards. Some of the responses I get are: 1.Boards are cheaper without silkscreen, 2.The boards have many 0402 components, the silkscreen won't be readable anyways, 3.There are too many vias and placing of silkscreen would be very difficult So they keep the boards without silkscreen, but I do not think it is possible to produce.


2016/12/21 12:46:25

As I make milllions of board which are all having sikscreen and know that the cost of silkscreen is not so much.


2016/12/5 9:38:52

Normally all the PCB have silkscreen on the surface, if you do not have, it will be hard for manufacturers to produce.

ISA, s.r.o.

2016/11/28 14:39:28

As far as I can see, you should always use silkscreen, as it makes servicing and repairing of device much easier.


2016/11/11 10:24:18

I certainly enjoyed reading your post.

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