New to ROHS

2017/4/4 22:43:38

Hello I am a circuit board designer and just wanted to ask if anyone is seeing the need to alter footprints for ROHS assembly. I also wanted to make sure that I have this particular issue correct. If your BGA is lead free then used solder paste with lead could lead to voids. I know there is some issue with BGA's and was just hoping to get some clarification. Thanks in advance for any response

Jan Cwiecek

2017/2/28 22:43:38

Like this post very much.


2017/2/28 22:43:38

I am doing a new project. Your posting is pretty good and useful to my job.Thanks a lot. Hope you can write again.


2017/2/28 22:43:38

Bookmarked.Really helpful.

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