New Batch Type Vs. 2nd Hand Conveyor

2017/2/28 18:25:42

Our company is in the market to replace the $50 toaster oven we use to reflow boards with something that can actually achieve even temperature and a proper reflow curve. We are a RnD type company and have no need for volumes. Though we have some heavy copper boards with odd board shapes. Of course we are on a limited budget so much so that eBay toys such as T-962A IR batch/tray oven is considered. After many head breaking days and hours of online research i am no smarter as to which direction i should take but i have narrowed it down to two possible avenues.
Brand new: T200N from Manncorp. It looks good on paper will suit all our board sizes and can double up as a curing oven for moisture sensitive devices down the track if we ever upgrade. It will get us over the bridge.
Used: Omniflow Bravo 4050 ?
I only have 2 years experience (forgive me) in the industry. So names and brands are just starting to makes sense now. Some of the units/brands available from the local second hand dealer which i am meeting in two days i successfuly eliminated from these forums. However I can't find anything on this omniflow and its no longer listed on the manufacturers website? However i feel that it will be same money as the new Manncorp unit. (by time i incorpoate exchange rates and shipping)
Which direction should i take? new vs used Any info on Omniflow? zones? rohs? inert gas? issues?
Oh Ye blessed with wisdom and experience! Please help!

werfried kuneth

2017/3/2 18:25:42

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2017/3/2 18:25:42

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2017/3/2 18:25:42

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2017/3/2 18:25:42

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