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Electronic components are basic electronic element or electronic parts usually packaged in a discrete form with two or more connecting leads or metallic pads. Electronic Components are intended to be connected together, usually by soldering to a printed circuit board (PCB), to create an electronic circuit with a particular function.

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Need helps on stacking chips
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I need to install two SMD chips (0805) at one location. I refered to IPC-HDBK-001, fIG 6-24. When I solder the chips side by side, the ceramic side which is placed againgst solder pad- is already touching the solder. While I complete the solder joint, the solder fillet is too close to deposited element. ( As distance between end terminations is more the inner gap between solder pads) My question is :
1. Does any one know a vendor who can supply 5-sided terminations ( similar to Chip Capacitors) for thick film resistors? 2. Which one is less evil: Piggy back chips( not recommended by IPC) or solder touching the component body? 3. Any other idea?
I will appreciate your time for advice.
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