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PCB Design Rules

Necessary work before PCB design

Laszlo Toth

1. Carefully check the schematic diagram:

any printed circuit board design is inseparable from the schematic. The accuracy of the schematic is on the premise that the printed board is correct. Therefore, in the printed circuit board design, the signal integrity of the schematic must be carefully and repeatedly check to ensure that the device is properly connected to each other.

2. Device selection: 

the selection of components is a very important part of designing board. The package may be different for the devices of same function and parameters. The package is not the same, so the device welding hole is not the same. Therefore, please be sure to determine the package of various components.

Selecting components for multi-layer board must be positioned in SMD, which is widely used in various electronic products with its advantages of miniaturization,high reliability and installation automation.In the device selection, the characteristics of the device parameters should meet the needs of the circuit, the supply of devices should avoid the device shutdown problem; many domestic devices, such as chip resistors, devices and other quality have gradually reached the level of imported devices, and enjoy adequate supply, short delivery time and other advantages. Therefore, under the permission of circuit conditions,you should try to consider domestic devices.
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