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NanoPi2 quad core Cortex A9 Linux single board
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The NanoPi2 quad core Cortex A9 Linux single board computer has been released as a high performance companion to FriendlyARM Computer Company’s NanoPi board. NanoPi2 features a Samsung S5P4418 Quad Core A9 processor at 1.4GHz. The NanoPI2 includes 1GB of 32bit wide DDR3 RAM, different display interfaces, and two MicroSD slots. The on-board AP6212 Wireless and Bluetooth chip provides 802.11 b/g/n, AP mode, BLE 4.0 and HS mode. This is a complete open source project with open source boot-loader, kernel, and file systems. New Wiki and Git Repositories with plenty of tutorials fill out the support system. NanoPi2 sells for only $32 US introductory price and has a 40 pin header compatible with Raspberry Pi and NanoPi, and the FriendlyARM Matrix family if sensors and drivers.
NanoPi2 Features:
SoC: Samsung S5P4418 Quad Core Cortex-A9, 1.4G Hz
RAM: 1GB 32bit DDR3
Storage: 2 x Micro SD Slot
Connectivity: AP6212 WiFi/Bluetooth, 802.11 b/g/n, AP mode, BLE 4.0, HS mode
HDMI: 1 x HDMI 1.4A, Type-A
LCD: 0.5 mm spacing 45 pin interface
Camera: 0.5mm spacing 24 pin DVP interface
GPIO: 40 pin GPIO pin header, compatible with Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pin header
Debug Serial Port/UART0: 2.5 mm spacing 4pin interface
USB: Micro USB 2.0 host Type-A; for data transmission and power input
OS: Android or Debian
PCB: Six-layer
Dimension: 75 x 40 mm
Weight: 22 g
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