MyData TP-9-2

2017/3/1 0:09:11

We have a MyData TP-9-2 with a in line Y wagon. It is a long screw and the vintage is 1994. The Y wagon vibrates at about 24 micrometers at about 25 hertz. Burnin reviels zero encoder pulse errors. Hystersis test indicates a Y axis Y wise varance of up to 23 micrometers. When I go to the service utility for motor Y and read positions several times the varance is again about 23 micrometers of position error. If I push with about 2 lbs of force and release pressure the vibration stops. I have swapped the MOT driver card with another axis but problem persists. What should I be looking for? Is this an indication of a impending motor failure. Can the ribbon cable be the cause, it is about 5 years old. Are there any way of adjusting transducers. Can a faulty or noise from power supply be working here. Thanks for any response.

Lukas Krehel

2017/3/3 0:09:11

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2017/3/3 0:09:11

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2017/3/3 0:09:11

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Telesound Bt.

2017/3/3 0:09:11

Appreciate your sharing.Please keep up your updates.


2017/3/3 0:09:11

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