My Full Review and Experience with ALLPCB

2019/10/22 2:04:13

I would like to share my experience with ALLPCB  ,  for my  latest Project  "Wearable Bow Tie".


They provides PCB manufacturing services for customers with many customized product options,

 such as quantity, layer, PCB thickness, dimension, color and all that.

I ordered 10 2-Layer PCBs with delivery to India. The whole process from order submission to receipt 

of the product took about 1 week. Furthermore I got one PCB extra too :). and the quality of them  were excellent .


Delivery was pretty quick to india, it took only 8 days to get the PCBs.

short and sweet: short delivery time, cheap, high quality

I'm completely satisfied.


What is also spectacular about ALLPCB to me, as a maker and customer, is their service. From their 

friendly support staff to their intuitive, user-friendly website features, it all counts towards 

what makes ALLPCB an ideal company and brand for any electronic hobbyist.

Regarding the packaging of the PCBs I ordered, it did come in a very nice PCBWay-designed box with 

the PCBs wrapped in bubble wrap and in a zip lock bag. Thus, I cannot complain about how it was nicely 

delivered to my doorstep via DHL Express. About the PCB itself, it had a nice build 

quality as the boards were very study, the text I designed were engraved in a clean fashion,

 and all edges of the boards were polished smoothly. The hole spacings for components were also

 uniform, making component assembly extremely easy. The tracks were also done perfectly on the 

 front and back of the PCB with a clean finish as well. Overall, I really like ALLPCB's build quality

 and how they package your orders. Here are some pictures of the soldering and leg clipping process being

 done to the PCB:

If you like to Watch the video of building process, Have a look at following:

2019/10/30 16:33:47

Well done ! Love it.. my work shop will never be the same..

2019/10/30 16:31:12

You're amazing man. Great work!

2019/10/30 16:29:11

Yeah, bro. I just ordered from ALLPCB. It is really great!!! I also will make an innovative project. I'm looking forward to it!

2019/10/29 15:09:51

I have done this it worked for first try but this may cause inductional problem

2019/10/29 14:39:36

Can you write for me a list of electronic components ?

2019/10/29 14:27:21

nice and good project useful for me as a student!

2019/10/26 10:10:50

Wow. You're talented. Very interesting.

2019/10/26 10:06:12

yeah, i also placed an order for my project. I totally agree with you. ALLPCB really amazing me! Their high quality, fast delivery, and low price really satisfy me.

2019/10/26 9:39:27

I mean That's how a project should be . Great job man !! keep going ! Wishing for great future !

2019/10/26 9:36:09

ust amazing ....i saw your video! i have never seen such a video and such a project excellent ........just took away my mind .....i subscribed!!!

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