Mixed Signal pcb, which should I choose? 2 or 4 Layer?

2016/6/27 11:27:41

I want to design a mixes signal pcb, I am thinking to design it as 2 layers or 4 layers, as the 4 layers board can reduce the noise, but it is more expensive.


2016/11/17 10:20:37

If most of your routing can be placed on top layer and have mostly solid ground plane sections on the bottom layer, 2 layer boards is most suitable for you which will not cost so much.


2016/8/1 5:22:59

If your design is a semi-high speed design, then a four layer will be better. A lot of this comes down to how much resolution you need from those ADCs. If you truly need 16 bits, then I think a 5% performance increase from a four layer board is worth it.

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