mixed lead free and non lead free production

2017/2/28 22:46:50

Hi We are in the process of developing a lead free product to be used in a non lead free selective soldering machine, i do have concern in these, and hope you guy can share your experienced expert opinion:
1. What does it take to convert to lead free in the flux - heat - solder process??
2. Can we reuse the same machine? My point here is that the non lead free process has already coated the machine interior ( exhaust, internal flow ) with leaded component, and by conversion to lead free are we containminating the lead free product from the previous production?

Chicken Hacker

2017/3/2 22:46:50

Good resource for new beginners.


2017/3/2 22:46:50

I am going to keep checking for new writings.


2017/3/2 22:46:50

You did a great job. Really appreciate your content.


2017/3/2 22:46:50

Great help to my new project.

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