Mirtec AOI Max Component Height

2017/2/27 20:04:15

Has anyone tried to increase the working height on their Mirtec AOI. We have several MV-2HTL machines and have a few boards that are over 2" tall. I'd rather not leave the parts out and have a secondary step to install them after inspection. I've got a few ideas but thought I'd inquire about workarounds from Mirtec users.


2017/3/1 20:04:15

I think you are a genuis. The idea in your post is quite helpful and lights me. I have been puzzled for a long time in my new project.


2017/3/1 20:04:15

Quite good posting. Your knowledge is quite impressive and useful to me who is new beginner. Hope you can write more posts and I will keep on reading.


2017/3/1 20:04:15

Remarkable.Great help to my learning.

Francisco Javier

2017/3/1 20:04:15

You did a great job. Really appreciate your content.

Enrique Ochoa

2017/3/1 20:04:15

Very interesting post.

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