method or process for cleaning leads

2017/2/28 17:10:48

We have a problem child part. Our company was in a pinch and ordered parts from a broker that had an old date code. The leads are very oxidized, and our reflow process is comprimised.
To prove the concept, we cleaned the leads with Tarn X and an acid brush. After cleaning they were rinsed in DI water, then baked.
The results were amazing, the part lead finish was very nice, and solder quality was that of a new part.
We may need to resort to this type of situation for future orders, until March, that is when we have our first guarenteed shipment of new parts.
I'm looking for a method or process for cleaning leads. What side effects do I pose if the process is correct?


2017/3/2 17:10:48

I was really confused, and this answered all my qutoiesns.


2017/3/2 17:10:48

This post is perfect for what I need. Thanks!

Turchi Leonardo

2017/3/2 17:10:48

I have learned a lot from your article. Quite useful and impressive info.


2017/3/2 17:10:48

Wow, these helpful info benefit me a lot. Great thanks to you.

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