MARTIN to Demonstrate Standalone BGA Reball and QFN Solder Bumping Unit

2017/2/2 0:31:02

MARTIN Standalone BGA Reball and QFN Solder Bumping Unit.
MARTIN will demonstrate the Reball / Prebump 03.1 unit at the upcoming SMTA Ohio Valley Expo & Tech Forum, scheduled for Wednesday, July 14, 2010 at the Doubletree Hotel in Cleveland, OH. This standalone unit is an easy and cost effective solution for BGA reballing and QFN solder bumping.
The reballing function is capable of handling a diverse range of BGAs, as well as QFNs and CSPs. Processes can be completed in as little as three minutes. The simple Rapid Technology soldering profiles rigorously apply settings within the permitted thermal limits, heat at the highest advisable thermal ramp rates, and maintain within a safe temperature zone.
The unit can also handle the complete QFN solder bumping process, even for the smallest pitches. Using a unique Hotprint Technology, the mask is not removed after printing paste, but remains on the QFN during reflow.


2017/2/4 0:31:02

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