Make Schematic Symbols from CSV Files

2017/2/25 17:05:37

General Process Overview
Select a symbol
Export pins to ms excel spreadsheet
Make pin changes in the spreadsheet
Import pins and generate symbol automatically
  1. To begin, open your library in Library Manager.
  2. Select a symbol which will be used as a template. In this instance the part is a 34 pin connector which exists in the Optimum Library.
  • Right click the symbol and click Edit.
  • The symbol editor will open with the selected symbol displayed. We will export the pins of this symbol to a .csv file, and open it in Microsoft Excel to make changes.
  • From the Symbol Editor, click File > Export Pins
    1. Name the file something relevant, and save it in .csv format.
  • Navigate to the .csv on your hard drive, and open it with Excel.
  • Take note of how the pins are organized in the spreadsheet, and the order in which they are displayed.
  • For this demo we will delete pins 30-34 from the symbol. All desired changes can be made to the symbol in this spreadsheet; including changing numbering, inverting pins, adding new pins, etc. This simply requires deleting the relevant rows from the .csv file.
  • We will also remove the mounting holes from the symbol, again, by simply deleting the rows from the .csv file.
  • Save all changes made to the pinout, and exit Excel.
  • From the Symbol Editor, click File > Generate symbol from pins…
  • Navigate to the edited .csv, and Open.
  • The symbol is automatically generated with the updated input and output pin configuration. Pins 30-34, and the mounting holes, have been removed as desired.
  • Apply any necessary changes to spacing and labeling size, and clean up the symbol as necessary per your company or customer's specifications. Click File > Save As to save the new, edited symbol.
  • Caesar

    2017/2/27 17:05:37

    Quite useful and impressive info.Thanks for marvelous posting.


    2017/2/27 17:05:37

    It answered all my puzzles.Very helpful.

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