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PCB Manufacturing

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PCB manufacturing consists of many steps, such as PCB CAM, Panelization, Copper patterning, etc. This group is mainly talked about the problems during PCB manufacturing!

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Make a circuit board in the cheapest and fastest way
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A little while ago, a guy emailed me and said he wanted to practice his programming skills and therefore had made a site for comparing prices for circuit boards.
I checked it out, and it wasactually very useful.
Here you can type in board size, number of boards you need and other stuff, then you get a list of companies that can make the board for you, how much it costs and how long the delivery time is.
Very, very useful!
If you don’t know yet how to design circuit boards, I have a training for this that you can find here:
Learn more about «Building Advanced Hobby Circuits» >>
But if you already know how to design circuit boards, and you are ready to get a design created. Then I definitely recommend checking out the comparison tool:
Keep on Soldering
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I am doing a new project. Your posting is pretty good and useful to my job.Thanks a lot. Hope you can write again.

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