Linear Magazines for 0402 components

2017/2/28 22:30:57

We have recently started building assemblies containing 0402 components (argggg!!). Were using the TM8FC magazines and are seeing alot of miss-picks on the 0402 components. When the feeder advances the part, the part can; jump out of the tape, or turn up on there sides or even flip upside down, all before the tool goes to pick the part. It appears to me that these TM8FC's are not designed for the small lite 0402 parts. Has anyone out there run into these issues? Any fix for it?
Mydata does not make these magazines anymore. (I think I know why, they appear not to work with a sheeite, but I could be wrong).
Anyway, MyData reports that there Linear Magazines work much better (less miss-picks) for 0603 and below sized components.
Any one out there using the Linear Magazines for 0402 components? How are they performing for you?
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