LGa soldering issues

2017/2/1 18:13:52

Help! We are havin issues installing the new Linear Tech LGA118's. We are installing 17 of these beast per assembly, the problem shorting? Any ideas? Linear Tech is usless, they blame heat, not a big enough reflow oven, moisture, part disty's...etc. Looks like too me they have a part design issue, the part has a 27 page rework doc! Anyone working with the new Lin Tech LGA's? Thanks for your help.

David Russell

2017/2/3 18:13:52

The article has really peaked my interest.Hope you can write again soon.


2017/2/3 18:13:52

It help me a lot. Thank you.

Ren livingston

2017/2/3 18:13:52

Appreciate your sharing.Please keep up your updates.

Gregor Macek

2017/2/3 18:13:52

My favorite psot here. Its very impressive and helpful.

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