Lead-free Solder Paste for 0402 Metric Chip Components

2017/2/2 1:56:32

OSAKA, JAPAN March 2009 Nihon Superior Co. Ltd., a supplier of advanced soldering and brazing materials to the global market, announces the development of SN100C P520 D5 lead-free solder paste for 0402 metric chip components.
Following the recent development of densely populated boards, it is essential to improve the quality of high-density mounting, such as the application of minimal components represented by the 0402 metric package, also known as 01005, filletless mounting, and narrow pitch mounting.
On the other hand, there have been reductions in joint strength, due to extremely small pads and solder volumes, caused by narrowed components and land, as well as filletless mounting. Therefore, using a ductile alloy that is compliant with narrow pitch mounting of micro components and an excellent solder paste with stable printing and reflow characteristics is a requirement.
SN100C P520 D5 Lead-free Solder Paste with the compliant SN100C alloy reduces shrinkage defects, slows the intermetallic growth, and offers high impact strength for 0402 components. Additionally, the paste provides excellent reflow with minute solder volumes, excellent wetting on all common substrates (including nickel and brass), minimal cracking of flux residue, and good hot slump performance
For more information about Nihon Superior's SN100C P520 D5 Lead-free Solder Paste, visit http://www.nihonsuperior.co.jp.
About Nihon Superior Co. Ltd.
Nihon Superior was founded in 1966 when it began marketing unique flux products imported from the US. The company made its mark on society by gathering the most advanced soldering and brazing technologies and products from around the world, and supplying them to companies in the metal-joining industry. A turning point for the company came when it started developing its own soldering materials and with the success of its unique SN100C lead-free solder alloy Nihon Superior has become a major player in the global market. To support the growing demand for its products Nihon Superior has established manufacturing and sales centers in Japan, China and other Asian countries and formed business partnerships with companies in other markets.


2017/2/4 1:56:32

Thanks for the article. Very valuable.

Bob srfdeiasn

2017/2/4 1:56:32

Your article answered all my puzzles.


2017/2/4 1:56:32

Inictllgenee and simplicity – easy to understand how you think.


2017/2/4 1:56:32

Great help to my new project.

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