Lead Free Reflow

2017/2/28 9:07:54

I have an issue where our production team has ran the wrong reflow profile on a no lead product where Indium NC SMQ-230 no lead paste has been used. You can still see the grains of solder after reflow. What I am look for is if anyone has any recommendations on how to get this no lead solder to reflow again after it has already been through our reflow process. I have already tried running on panel back through the reflow oven and saw very poor results. This was believed to be from the lack of flux. Next I tried a liquid wave flux on the panel and then reflowed. Again poor results were seen. Any ideas of suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!


2017/3/2 9:07:54

I am a new beginner and looking for good info for study. The posted info is pretty good. I will share it with my friends.

Neil Herbert

2017/3/2 9:07:54

Thanks for your sharing.It helps me a lot.


2017/3/2 9:07:54

An interesting post.

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