Lead-Free BGA Rework

2017/2/2 19:45:48

I have been trying to rework a lead-free BGA. For some reason, when I remove the BGA the corner pads on the board come off and the board must be scrapped. If I do manage to remove the BGA successfully, when I solder the BGA, the corners of the BGA warp up and doesn't allow me to get a good connection on the pads. I have tried using a larger nozzle, increased temperature, and nothing seems to work. the board is ENIG and it does contain a large ground plane.

Francisco Javier

2017/2/4 19:45:48

You did a great job. Really appreciate your content.

Cleber Toss Hoffmann

2017/2/4 19:45:48

I have share it with my classmates. They all appreciate it a lot.

Rafael Mendoza

2017/2/4 19:45:48

This post is perfect for what I need. Thanks!


2017/2/4 19:45:48

Excellent work. I am impressed.

Markus Schmitz

2017/2/4 19:45:48

It help me a lot. Thank you.

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