Laser Cut Stencils

2017/2/27 6:45:31

We make an excellent chem-etch stencil. Our customers have had success printing 16 mil pitch without a problem. This is not an advertisement!
When we try to sell our product to new customers, we find more and more people willing to pay more for the laser cut stencils and not interested in even sampling the chem-etch. Why?
I'd like to hear from some users of laser cut stencils and the rational that led you to laser cut stencils over chem-etch. Are the results actually better or is it the latest industry fad?

Ahmad Faraz Khan

2017/3/1 6:45:31

Your article answered all my puzzles.


2017/3/1 6:45:31

Great thanks for your helpful info. Really useful.


2017/3/1 6:45:31

Very valuable!

Ignacio de la Fuente

2017/3/1 6:45:31

I certainly enjoyed reading your post.

Mikel Rodriguez

2017/3/1 6:45:31

My favorite psot here. Its very impressive and helpful.

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