large bga capable placement machines

2017/2/2 0:43:25

Hello, I'm looking for a lower end used machine that can place a 55x44mm sized bga component, placement speed is n't concern.
At the moment I have only found the quad ivc to be capable although I'm worried about the placement accuracy and repeatability numbers of this machine.
I like the look of the mydata tp9-ufp but I'm not sure if this machine can handle the size although the newer machines do.
The component is n't actually a semiconductor but a pga to bga 754pin zif socket, 1.27mm pitch outer dimension ~55mmx44mm and inner bga grid ~35mmx35mm.
Any of your thoughts are appeciated.


2017/2/4 0:43:25

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javier mainar val

2017/2/4 0:43:25

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2017/2/4 0:43:25

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2017/2/4 0:43:25

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2017/2/4 0:43:25

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