Is it possible to fix such a PCB?

2016/7/21 17:03:34

There is a PCB that was damaged because one of the component removed from it and leads to the remove of some copper on the surface of connecting component and PCB. Is it possible to fix this PCB?


2016/12/6 7:22:08

What is the component you removed? What type of signals is involved?

Setyawan P. Sakti

2016/11/16 4:26:30

There's nothing magical about PCB traces. If the PCB is a single layer, you can use copper wire and solder to repair any gaps.


2016/10/10 23:13:48

If you don't need the support from it, then it is no matter the traces on the bottom are still solidly fixed to the board. If you do need mechanical support then just put a blob of epoxy on it.

Earl Swope

2016/9/3 12:26:12

If the board is multilayer, I'd be concerned that it may be connected to inner layers and that those connections are torn. So it become impossible to fix it.


2016/7/23 17:03:34

I am so glad that you shared this useful information with us. It is pretty helpful.Hope you can write again.

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