Is it possible to edit a new pcb using a gerber file as background in altium?

2016/6/1 22:39:24

The gerber files I have is good, except the legend. I would like to include some useful information on the top silkscreen. I would like to create a new pcb document, using the information from the gerber file or something similar, to create a complete new silkscreen, based on the top or bottom layers, etc.


2016/10/13 10:13:34

You use Altium's included CAM editor. Stack Exchange won't let me link the manual section because it's a numeric URL, but you can find it easily. Next time you generate the output job, you'll have to repeat the editing, so it's usually not the best way to do things.

Terry Lenny

2016/6/8 6:26:04

You can view or edit any gerber files regardless the CAD system there were generated with.A Gerber Editor is useful for you. All you need is edit the silkscreen gerber and include in it the new information. You can do it as the following steps: Firstly, you need to import the silkscreen gerber into the Gerber Editor. Then edit it, Last, please save the changes.

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