Is it possible not to have a copper-pour ground plane on a PCB?

2016/6/29 15:15:49

I am taking a first stab at designing a PCB from scratch. I am considering using a CNC mill fabrication process, and it seems like with this process I would want to remove as little copper as possible. A copper-pour-style ground plane would seem to be a good way to address this constraint.


2016/12/5 17:26:05

Ground planes in general are always a good thing, but if used incorrectly can actually hurt the quality of your board.


2016/11/25 2:08:54

Ground plane needs to be cleared out for high voltages to meet the creepage and clearance rules for safety. Continuous plane on one side which is not matched by a similar size area on the other side leads to the board warping because of the tension provided by the copper.

Ferdinando Cicala

2016/10/5 1:30:10

Air-core inductors should not be used with their flux passing through a ground plane; otherwise the ground plane acts like a parasitic transformer with a shorted turn.

cernatescu victor

2016/7/1 15:15:49

Please keep doing your great job.

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