Is it important to put decoupling caps on the same side of the PCB?

2016/10/1 11:14:47

How important is it to have decoupling capacitors on the same side of the PCB as the IC?


2016/12/29 16:03:44

I think you are right.Placing the cap on the other side of the board will add some 2mm if you can place the caps close to the vias. The rule says "as close as possible". Like you said, in BGAs you simply have no choice: the pins are underneath the IC, so going to the other side of the board is the only option.

Rui Cadete

2016/11/15 23:53:24

A pad used two vias and minimising the track length, is the usual technique when putting the capacitors on the opposite side of the board, with high-speed designs.


2016/10/21 12:31:54

It is very important to have your decoupling cap connected to the power or ground planes of the PCB than directly to the power pins of the chip. This frequently lowers the overall impedance of the power traces and improves the usefulness of the decoupling caps.


2016/10/3 11:14:47

Great help to my new project.

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