IR Rework Machine

2017/2/28 16:13:58

Would like to ask end users or those with experience using infra red rework equipment (specifically when the top heater is IR) the following:
1. Can you successfully rework Package On Package (PoP) type devices? With heat directed through the package body, I am wondering how connections of bottom package would be reflowed.
2. Are there instances of solder splatter when removing BGA's? When picking up a reflowed component during removal, how do you prevent the weight of a pick up tip not pressing down on a component which can cause solder balls to form outside the package body or have solder flow into vias?
3. Can you rework microBGA or CSP measuring around 1mm x 1mm? Can the sensor / temperature probe that controls the heating process be reduced to a spot size small enough not to exceed the package dimension?

Jeff Hanenkrat

2017/3/2 16:13:58

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2017/3/2 16:13:58

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2017/3/2 16:13:58

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Giovanni Pelliccioni

2017/3/2 16:03:27

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