IPC and SMTA Announce Chairs

2017/2/2 0:04:42

ROSEMONT, IL - Industry-leading associations IPC and SMTA jointly announce the chairs of Workshop 2 of the High Performance Cleaning and Coating Conference, scheduled to take place November 16-18, 2010 at the Renaissance Hotel & Convention Center in Schaumburg, Illinois.
Lee Hitchens of SCH Technologies will hold a workshop which will demystify the science of conformal coating, coating material technologies, and available application methods. Participants will be encouraged to take control of their conformal coating process:
  • Understanding which coating to use, how to apply it, and how much that costs
  • Troubleshooting process problems and how to resolve them
  • Specifying a new process, interaction on key customer projects
The workshop includes practical examples, demonstrations, defect guides and cost models for introducing a conformal coating line.
  • Basic concepts — definitions, what coating does, why used, chemistry and technology
  • How to select a coating — fit for purpose, standards and specifications
  • Application of conformal coating — including robotic selective, dipping, and spraying — pros and cons of each technique
  • Managing coating thickness — viscosity control and curing
  • How poor cleanliness destroys PCB


2017/2/4 0:04:42



2017/2/4 0:04:42

Marvelous post. Appreciate it very much.

Juan Pablo Vales

2017/2/4 0:04:42

Remarkable.I have learned a lot from your post.

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