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PCB Quality

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How can we guarantee the quality of pcb? There are commly several ways to control the quality, such as by DRC Check, Electrical Testing, AOI(Automated optical inspection), RoHS...

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Ionic Contamination Testing
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I am a Quality Engineer which went from an Automotive QS9000 company manufacturing ceramic hybrid boards and now I am with a ISO PC mfg. company dealing with PCBA boards. I've been assigned a task in determining the contributing factor to high contamination levels (dendritic growth) found on our boards, 20 - 80 ug/in^2. The test,Ionic Contamination (Electromigration) Test , was performed on 5 PCBA boards by an outside lab using IPC-TM-650 2.6.14 Rev. A standards. My question is, what could be the root cause. Could it be the no-clean flux? If so, what type of flux should be used to reduce the contamination levels? As part of a containment action all boards will be washed. Please help. Thank you.
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