In .pretty-libraries, do we only use metric footprints?

2016/8/30 10:08:10

I started a new project and I want to assign footprints to the components. I only see metric footprints for the resistors and capacitors. But the components in my drawer didn't change over night. What happened to the old footprints with 0.12 inch spacing?


2016/11/26 16:10:00

My current project is using THT components with imperial lead spacing.


2016/10/1 10:04:56

Pins spaced on a 105 mil pitch don't measure correctly when metric measurement is selected. So I guess the conversion between metric and imperial is exact intentionally to avoid these problems.

Ivan Dario

2016/9/21 11:19:09

Metric conversion should be exact, with no rounding errors. And now most new SMD parts are originally metric, so using metric is important.

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